Vet Medicine Labs!

A Community for Veterinarians and Practice Owners for the benefit and betterment of our profession.

About Vet Medicine Labs

The practice of Vet Medicine is a rewarding profession that has some challenges. Challenges that a layperson doesn't always understand.

What is Vet Medicine Labs? Why Vet Med Labs? 

     Vet Med Labs is an online community for Veterinarians and Non-Vet Practice Owners to connect with others in our industry.  Solving problems collectively as a brain trust or hive mind whether they be medicine, management, mindset, or marketing Issues. 

Originally, it started as a website and blog project to market and promote veterinary care for better patient health and compliance. 

As a veterinarian, I want my patients to live healthy and happy lives. As a member of our profession, I want the same thing for you. To thrive, and not just struggle to survive. 

The mission has expanded slightly with this community platform on Mighty Networks.   Veterinary medicine, especially for solo practitioners,  can be somewhat isolating.  I believe that by connecting with others, as part of a community, can lead to a more positive outlook and produce higher professional satisfaction and personal happiness. 

Hosted by Dr. Andy Mathis 

Why Join and What to Expect-

Support and Camaraderie

Encouragement,  Ideas, Clarity, and Inspiration

Meet members near you, Find members for client referrals, Or Meet members where you are moving too. 

 Answers to your Questions (esp. those who can't Google, or can't trust the Google to know what they are talking 'bout) and Exclusive Content 

Less drama, less distractions, less political rantiness, less fake news, etc. vs. The Facebook 

Algorithm Free- need help with something, ask a question- someone will see it

Veterinarians and Practice Owners only.  

 It's quick, easy, and free to sign up. Just request an invite and answer the questions . . .

A word though- If you are familiar with other online communities, such as a forum or a facebook group, Mighty Networks looks different. I say that as I recall my first reaction after seeing it.  So don't feel overwhelmed.  
(May 1st edit- they are making the navigation more intuitive, coming soon)

You can participate using the Mighty Networks phone app, or just a browser on your phone. tablet, or computer. I prefer using my ipad and browser. 

There is a post in the welcome section to help you out.  Once approved, log in, fill out your profile, location, add a photo, etc.  

Once you get accustomed to the interface, you'll see that it has more functionality than what you have been accustomed to.  Functions like being able to message other members directly.  A search function that works and is divided up into topics (cases, software/equipment questions, people problems, etc.)  and groups you can create (equine, ER, GP, etc.).  Post articles, polls, host events.